What Are The Barriers Of Barriers In Modern English Language

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Barriers As I look around, get a quick glance, and recall how the world appears to be based on my observations, one word comes into mind: barriers. Barriers? Yes, barriers – something that makes it difficult for people to understand each other (according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, that is).
Oddly enough, this word is the first thing I remember; perhaps, because the world is full of prominent manifestations of this word – such as, language, gender roles in the society, and social hierarchy, to name a few.
Language: A Barrier Between Generations
During the Anglo-Saxon era, the language they spoke was unique and different, Old English, conveying a prominent barrier between the latter and the modern English language since they both have distinguishing …show more content…

However, the barrier does not end there since there existed a system of grammatical gender in the Old English language which brings us to another manifestation – gender roles in the society.
Gender Roles: A Barrier Between the Image of Men and Women
With the use of grammatical gender in nouns and adjectives, men and women live up to how they are described by society.

For instance, during the Anglo-Saxon era, women were often described as caring, making them the caregivers who tend for the children and the household; peaceful, making them the peace weavers who bring about unity by marrying a man from another tribe; and submissive, implying that they are inferiors by their willingness to obey others. In contrast, men (especially heroes) were usually described as strong, wise, and courageous, giving them a heroic image as during that era, a hero had to have the said traits to be a

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