What Are The Characteristics Of Romanticism

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Stephen Chan

The characteristics of the Romanticism art period

Romanticism is a movement step by step to a reaction against the Neoclassicism in the lath 18 centuries and lasts through the 19th century. The emotion was emphasized, people’s inner feelings and their idea from the aspect of mysterious to supernatural were one of the appearances of art in the period. Romanticism is also full of romanticizing the past event, spontaneity, and warnings such as they felt like nature should always be untamed.

The Romanticism period does not seem to have a specific style, ways of handling or topic. It does not focus on the changes of the light or loosen brushstroke-like the Impressionism did. Instead, the Romanticism art style was more …show more content…

The current and historic event was also painted, telling a story of those events and used as a warning or education tool. Painters were also inspired by these events. Such as The Raft of The Medusa, painted in 1818-9 by Theodore Gericault. On other hand France using the same method, reminding the July Revolution by the painting Liberty Leading the people painted by Eugene Delacroix in 1830.

One of the painters from the Romanticism that I would like to mention more about will be John Martin. In my opinion, his work was much different from the others at the time. The feelings it gives when John Martin uses the apocalypse theme, warning the people about the current and all the negative facts about war; by hell like environment, end of the world and blood reminding death. Created such an impact, not just visually but also psychologically.

Despite coming from a humble background and having very little art training, John Martin became not only English Romantic painter, he also was an engraver and illustrator at his time. John Martin made a name for himself in the London art world with his outstanding style of

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