What Are The Child 's Strengths?

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What are the Child’s Strengths? Be specific with examples. Cassandra, the student I have been observing, demonstrated interpersonal (social) and intrapersonal skills and academic strengths. First, I recognize one of Cassandra’s social strengths was her ability to follow teacher directions. I observed three instances in which Cassandra demonstrated the ability to follow directions compared to her peers. For example, I notice students at three workstations ignoring the teacher directions to clean up. The teacher requested the class to clean up their workstation at least four times within 10 minutes. Cassandra was one of the first students to have cleaned her Lego math activity. A second strength was Cassandra’s ability to help others. After clearing her own workstation, Cassandra helped other students with their cleaning. Indeed, she was able to help two other groups with cleaning up without being asked. A final social strength demonstrated by Cassandra was her interpersonal skills. While working with three other students, I witness Cassandra share materials and ideas without conflict. From my previous experience working with elementary students, I understand that children in Cassandra’s age have a difficult time working with peers. Cassandra, I found, worked well with other students. In one instance she shared her Lego home with those of another classmate at the table to make it bigger. Meanwhile, Cassandra also demonstrated the intrapersonal skill of perseverance while…
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