Problems Solving Teams ' Help Teachers Formulate And Implement Interventions For Students '

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Problem-solving teams’ help teachers devise and implement interventions for students who are experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties in the general education classroom. Early intervention teams typically consist of the school principal or designated administrator; school nurse; a guidance counselor; several school teachers with experience across different grade levels; and one or more special education teachers, at least one of whom is skilled in designing behavioral intervention plans. The classroom teacher describes the academic and/ or behavior problems the student has been experiencing to the team, together the group “brainstorms not only the possible etiology of the problem, but more importantly on possible solutions to it”. …show more content…

The team then proceeds to ask the teacher what is some of Mary’s strengths and what are some positives about her. The teacher noticed that Mary was helpful and responsible. Mary could go to the office for the teacher to get her mail and then bring it back to her. She also notices that Mary is more likeable to her when she is on task. She has friends but it seems that she is starting to get on other students’ nerves. In the meeting, one teacher mentions that she has Mary’s brother in her class and she noticed that Mary is good with him. Another teacher has collected some observations and has done some curriculum based assessment on Mary. The teacher observed her during her reading time. She observes Mary not being attentive; Mary was up out of her seat within ten minutes of independent work. She was disruptive with two other classmates by talking to them or bumping into them as she walked by and she was on task for 60 percent of the time compared to another student in the class who was on task for 95 percent of the time. The entire class itself was on task and behaving appropriately expect for Mary during the time that the teacher was there observing.
Next, the team discusses the teacher behavior report card that was also done while one teacher was observing Mary. In that observation, they noticed that Mary only completed about 40 to 50 percent of her classwork. They also noted that Mary was on task 40 percent of the time in the morning and 70 percent of the time

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