What Are The Core Values In Beowulf

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When first reading Beowulf, or even before that, many people often cringe at the idea of having to analyze, process, and understand Old English stories from the Anglo-Saxon period. Along with the frustrations of comprehending just a sentence, sometimes the deeper meanings and overall image of the story can get lost. In the case of “Beowulf”, this story is no exception. However, not only is this Anglo-Saxon story a heroic tale of a brave warrior who fights evil, but in reading the tales of Beowulf, it gives us a way to compare our own lifestyle and core values, to those of the warriors and people of that area.
In our modern world, we associate warriors to be a variety of people who face challenges that far exceed those of the average human. Who have to face their fears and, to some extent, the possibility of losing their lives. To us humans, not only are these the (courageous) criterias of being a warrior, but we also expect them to be humble, selfless, and not to be arrogant or boastful about their achievements. Yet unlike our society today, however, cultural traditions and expectations from society back in the Anglo-Saxon period were quite different, if not the opposite, in the ways warriors acted and held themselves in society.
After first being introduced to Beowulf and his men, many readers would probably agree with the fact of being surprised by their appearance and first impressions when they came to Denmark. For starters, the idea of Beowulf and his fellow warriors

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