What Are The Effects Of The Middle Ages

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With the lack of scientific progress and as well as cultural and economic deterioration, it is no wonder why the Middle Ages was also called the Dark Ages. This era only proved to be one of history’s most tragic times because of the violence and fear people had to live with due to how higher authorities treat their civilians. Authority was defined depending on your position in an organized hierarchal system. Feudalism was the main system of supremacy that was followed during that time. It gave not only social authority, but as well as political and economic power. In the feudal system, church officials such as the pope were so unexpectedly powerful that even kings and monarchs feared them as they might be excommunicated if they contradicted …show more content…

This brought fear to people, however it didn’t stop them from creating and preaching ideas that oppose the Catholic Church. Such ideas gave rise to some reformations such as Martin Luther’s Protestantism and Humanism which became basis for John Calvin’s Calvinism in the early Renaissance. Unlike before, the government nowadays wasn’t very brutal when it comes to punishments towards crime. Although it is still heavily punished, it won’t reached the extent of death penalties and torture. We now have the concept of giving the benefit of the doubt to a person in trial, meaning a person that is innocent will remain innocent unless proven by court. That wasn’t applied back then, and that was the most fearful part. The church will decide your state or condition even without evidences. Another aspect of the Middle Ages worth raising were the roles of men and women. Women had little-to-no purpose in the Middle Ages except for taking care of the children and doing field work. They weren’t allowed to leave the house, even for aristocratic women, and they had to follow their husbands wholeheartedly or else they would be beaten, or worse,

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