What Are The Impact Of Parental Involvement On Student Motivation And Academic Achievement

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Research Design This study looks to examine the impact of parental involvement on student motivation and academic achievement while focusing on urban communities. A mixed methods research design will be conducted in order to “explain, clarify, and extend results discovered through the use of “ (Mertler 2016) a longitudinal survey design, specifically a trend study. Since both quantitative and qualitative data will be collected on the same survey, the type of mixed methods research being conducted will be a convergent parallel design. The trend study will be used to “examine changes [on motivation and achievement] within a specifically identified population [of students in urban communities without parental involvement] over time.” …show more content…

Parents or guardians will receive their surveys by mail and students will be asked to return their parent or guardian’s survey to their homeroom teacher.
Sampling will be conducted by using the sampling procedure known as cluster random sampling. “In simple random sampling, the sampling unit is an individual; however, in cluster random sampling, the sampling unit is an existing group of individuals.” (Mertler 2016). For this study the sampling unit is the school buildings that were randomly selected from the data criteria of a public, non-specialty, Hartford elementary school. Of the schools randomly selected every student in grades 1 to 5 and every selected student’s parent or guardian will be surveyed. Approximately 2,000 students will be given the survey varying based on attendance that day. Therefor, approximately 2,000 parent or guardians will also receive a survey. A larger sampling population allows results to be generalized to the larger population. (Mertler 2016).”When conducting survey research, it is advisable to survey a minimum of 350 individuals.” (Mertler 2016). By surveying a larger population, I can account for the lower response rate that is typically associated with mail surveys. (Mertler 2016).
Gathering Methods and Instrumentation In order to gain data representative of the larger population, six surveys will be conducted

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