Implementing A Major Ell Program

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C.2. Implementing a Major ELL Program

“Successful program models for promoting the academic achievement of language minority students are those that enable these students to develop academic skills while learning English. The best program organization is one that is tailored to meet the linguistic, academic, and emotional needs of students; provides language minority students with the instruction necessary to allow them to progress through school at a rate commensurate with their native-English-speaking peers; and makes the best use of district and community resources.” (Colorin Colorado, 2014) In order to implement a successful English Language Learner Instructional program, that meet the needs of our students, complies with the legal requirements, and uses our the resources of our district wisely, we need make informed decisions. The first step is to research our staff, students, community members, and state agencies and for the relevant information, and questions such as those discussed previously in section B can provide many of the answers we need. For staff, parents and community members, a survey can be a highly effective tool in gathering data. Questions for staff could include the training backgrounds and language fluency of district instructional personnel, the number of trained support staff available, along with relevant experience, personal observations and educated recommendations. It is important to ascertain early whether there are sufficient, qualified…
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