Chestnut Ridge Case Essay

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Management (or Decision) Problem The board at Chestnut Ridge Country Club are concerned that they have a declining amount of membership applications. They feel that this cannot be due to any factors outside of their control such as the local economy or change in preferences because they suspect enrollment remains level at three local competitors, Chalet, Lancaster and Alden country clubs. The board has decided to conduct a survey of the local country club membership pool to better understand what reasons may be effecting their declining membership enrollments because they cannot determine any reasons for this to be happening to only them. Research Problem & Objectives The research firm intends to conduct a survey of the memberships…show more content…
Methodology i. Research Design The research design is casual research. Casual research is used to determine the relationship between two variables such as Chestnut Ridge and the local country club membership population. It’s also used to try and determine the effects of changing one of these variables on the other variable. ii. Design of Data Collection The researchers are using the mailing lists obtained from the three local competitors to mail out questionnaires to obtain a roughly 70 to 75 percent response rate per club. iii. Sample Design & Data Collection The sampling population for the survey was 87 surveys per country club or roughly 348 surveys mailed out overall. The researchers received 63 usable surveys back from each club meaning a 72% response rate. Evaluation and Analysis 1. What kind of research design is being used? Is it a good choice? The firm is using casual research design. With casual research design marketing firms try to determine the relationship between two variables, in our case the local country club membership base and Chestnut Ridge country club. This research design is also used to try and determine people’s opinions on changing one of the variables or to see what they think needs to be
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