What Are The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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Communication plays a vital role in all the interactions of daily life. Verbal communication is the most common method or type of contact; however, the non-verbal part of communication can be more effective (Kleinschmidt 2017). Gestures, tone of voice, grins, shrugs, nods, moving away or closer, crossing arms and legs all tell far more than words. Learning to take account of these reactions is all part of developing the communication skills needed to achieve the best outcomes for patients. People aim to communicate how they feel and think about their environment, nonverbally. Therefore, correct observation and the use of non-verbal interactions is very important in identifying and reducing possible communication barriers that may occur during conversations. (Skills for Care 2017). The scenario discussed in the essay will be based the case of a 75-year-old male attending a dietetic consultation. The patient mentioned suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and presbycusis which are both main issues that could lead to possible communication difficulties. Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder in which the death of brain cells causes memory loss and cognitive decline. The disease is progressive, and it affects everyone differently, hence the advancement of symptoms will vary within and between individuals (Cheston 2003). Additionally, all aspects of effective person-centred care regarding the patient and his family will be discussed.

One of the most challenging issues affecting the

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