Why Is Effective Communication Important?

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Effective communication is a crucial factor in nursing and is considered to be central to the formation of effective relationships and the maintenance of high-quality care. The royal college of nursing defines communication as central to human interaction. “Without it, people cannot relate to those around them, make their needs and concerns known or make sense of what is happening to them.” (Royal College of Nursing). In the book ‘Becoming a Nurse 2010’, Vitoria Lavender defines communication as “a reciprocal process of sending and receiving messages. Thoughts feelings and information are sent as messages and may be conveyed verbally through speech, as well as non-verbal communication.” (Victoria lavender 2010). There are many theories that attempt to define what effective communication is. For example, John Heron, a psychotherapist who describes six stages of intervention that can be used in an interactive context. Each stage takes an authoritative route, where one person gives information to another or a facilitative route, where a more holistic approach is taken. In a recent activity, my class mates and I recorded ourselves in a one-one interactive situation, attempting to incorporate some of john Herons model, along with some other theories. One person took the role of the health care professional, while the other was the patient.

Firstly, throughout my first video I gave the client information regarding the benefits of sleep.
At 0.34 in my electing video, I make

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