What Are The Physical Security Measures That Are In Place At All Solomon Enterprise LLC Medical And IT Facilities?

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This section of the document identifies the physical security measures that are in place at all Solomon Enterprise LLC medical and IT facilities such as central database/data center located in West Virginia, regional hospitals in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Montana, and Missouri, and the disaster recovery site located in Billings, Montana. Additionally, the document provides an analysis of the current security measures and provides recommendations that are critical to the security infrastructure of the company.
There are a number of physical access controls that allow an organization to safeguard its physical assets. Solomon Enterprises LLC uses a combination of walls, fencing, gates, security guards, ID cards/badges, electronic monitoring …show more content…

The alarm systems are installed and active on all emergency exits as well as IT room closets. The emergency doors are locked and must only be used during an emergency. Any tampering or use of the exit doors will trigger the alarm system and automatic alert the local authorities. In addition, all doors that have an alarm system must not be open for longer than 2 minutes without authorization. The alarms are set to go off if the secured doors are left open for longer periods (Barker, 2012).
Security Staff – The data center has hired a total of 4 security guards total who are contractors. The building is protected by 1 guard on duty at all times which gives 24/7 manned surveillance to the property.
Security badges – Each personnel entering or present in the building must have an identification badge displayed at all times. There are IT closets with servers and other networking devices that are only accessible to authorized individuals. These rooms have electronic locks in combination with body sensors that are integrated with the alarm system and any tailgating will trigger the alarm system to notify security and police. Tailgating occurs when an authorized user may allow an unauthorized user who has not authenticated its identification using the electronic lock system (Whitman & Mattord, 2012).
The five hospital facilities in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Montana, and Missouri have similar physical security measures in place except for limited entry/exit points:

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