What Are The Pros And Cons Of GM Crops

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Contents GM Crops: Pros and Cons 1 Summary 2 Introduction 3 Key Findings 4 SWOT analysis 4 Conclusion (based on key findings) 5 Bibliography 6 Summary The benefits and fears relating to GM crops. How they affect us and the environment. Introduction To start with, the obvious question - What is a GM Crop? It is a plant that has the combination of genetic material obtained through the use of biotechnology. A GM crop can contain a gene or genes that have been artificially inserted instead of the plant obtaining it through pollination. The resulting plant is said to be “genetically modified”. In this report I will look at the benefits and potential risks of GM crops. There are certainly different advantages and disadvantages to GM foods, however, as to how much they can…show more content…
The argument is fairly even when it comes to ‘are they of a greater or lesser benefit to the world?’ Each can be deemed as the right choice, but I think that depends on a number of factors including what country you live in, whether it directly relates to your source of income and your environmental mindset. I will conclude with what I believe are the main benefits and worries with GM crops concerning most people. One of the main advantages to GM crops in developing countries is the following, imagine you live in a place where there is often not enough food to go around or where the price of food directly affects the income of the majority of the population, then the potential benefits of GM crops cannot be ignored. The fact that in developed countries there is little or no need for nutritionally enhanced foods, in developing countries that’s another matter, GM foods can help to alleviate malnutrition in some of the poorer countries. A fact that few people would argue about I
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