What Are The Reasons For The Fall Of Communism

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In this essay I have divided the reasons for the fall of communism into the economic, political and social ones.

Economic reasons
In order to find out economic reasons of the collapse of the communism, let`s have a look at economic hindrances that Eastern bloc countries faced. Economic problems in the Soviet Union
The period of late 1980-s and early 1990-s in Soviet Union is well-known for its empty stores, deficiency of manufactured goods and their poor quality. This situation happened due to inability the planned economy of the USSR to keep up with rapidly changing people`s needs, it could not provide them with necessary commodities. The conservative leadership failed to realise that the only way to protect economy of the country was to
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The death of Joseph Stalin and Khrushchev`s speech against crimes of his predecessor became the first step towards collapse of this regime. As the British political scientist Archie Brown stated, the Khrushchev's speech on the cult of personality on the Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union as people became aware of crimes that were made and the moral legitimacy of the regime was undermined. Despite the fact that the Communist Part was strong enough to subdue its subordinates, it had no power to generate its legitimacy which gradually became weaker. This idea could be supported by the quotation of the political analyst Vladimir Tismaneanu who claimed that due to the fact that the Communist regime was unable to provide itself with support of people as far as the open terror started to calm down plus the destruction of its ideological basement shows that the regime was doomed to dissolution. In addition, the theory according to which communism was destroyed by lack of legitimacy was created by historian Robin Okey. According to this theory, the legitimacy was lost in several stages. Firstly, Stalin`s abuses showed that the communist ideology was not as morally superior as it was claimed by the leaders. Secondly, the soviet invasions in Hungary in 1956 and in Czechoslovakia in 1968 showed to other countries that the communist states had no sovereignty. Finally, the economic failure became the last fact that influenced on loss of legitimacy of the regime
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