What Are The Similarities Between Han China And Gupta Dynasty

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In ancient civilization, two important aspects that caused the civilizations to flourish or diminish were their political systems and their cultures. Many empires along with India and China were thriving during the time period of their existence. This allowed for ideas to be spread and trade to prosper. The connection between China in East Asia and India in South Asia allowed for the spread of religion, technology, and goods. Therefore, there were many similarities between the two empires, but they also contrasted in many ways. During the classical period the Han Dynasty in China and the Mauryan and Gupta Dynasties were similar culturally because women had few rights in both empires and they both made universities that were devoted to education. In addition, China and India both had strong emperors who were at the top of the social hierarchy. Despite the similarities, they differ culturally with the different advances in technology, and with the China focusing on a philosophy rather than a religion in India. They differed politically due to the different ways of trading and that China had a centralized government and India had a decentralized government. Han China in East Asia and Classical India in South Asia have similarities culturally and politically. Women in China were not highly respected and were believed that they belonged at home with their children, therefore they were not educated. In India, women were inferior to men and declared unfit for education. Both
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