What Are The Six Principles Of Persuasion

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This assignment is about the six principles of persuasion. A situation will also be described, either real or fiction, where I have used these principles. The six principles of persuasion are “reciprocity” , “scarcity” , “authority”, “commitment and consistency”, “consensus”, and “liking” (McLean, S., 2010).

Reciprocity is the obligation/duty that people feel to give back to others who gave them something. The things which are given can be anything. For example, politicians, when they are campaigning before an election, can help people by giving them food, money, things, etc, so that they can return the favor by voting for them. Businesses also help the community so that they can persuade the people to return the favor by doing business with them.

Scarcity is the limitation in the amount of resources. In business, scarcity is used to make people
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I had an YXTEL phone I have been using for about two years and I decided to sell it after I bought a smart phone. So, one of my friends, came looking for a second hand phone and I persuaded him to buy which he did afterwards. I believed I did use all the six principles of persuasion. I used liking in the sense that I always liked him and he was my friend. So, he likes me back that’s why he came to me and bought it. I used scarcity in the sense that I told him that if he does get it, it won’t be there the following day. I used authority in the sense that I was confident in the wellness of the phone and I know a lot about phones. The other principle I have used is reciprocity, in that I used to do favors for him like changing the phone settings in the past. Consensus was also used in that I told him that people who buy from me never come back to complain that I sold them a damaged product/phone. I also used commitment and consistency in that I gave him the phone before paying to see if it works
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