What Are The Stereotypes Of Boys And Girls

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Ever since birth your parents choice the gender, from pink or blue to the toys you play when you were younger to even who was acceptable to hang out with. Boys and girls have always had different roles growing up. Boys are suppose to be the tough and strong person who didn’t ever need help with anything and girls were always the weak ones who always needed someone to help or "save" them. Its all how society told us how to grow up, women and men both share something in common and that’s how society says how we should look, women just have it a little harder. Starting at a young age girls are already being pressured to be "perfect", the models ,the magazine covers, all reveal a completely impossible body image. Not because their parents may have had what some people call good genes... No, it’s the photo shop and all the editing and weight lose that sometimes they have to lose just to get a certain role. They are not happy with it. They look nothing like they do in photos or movies or magazines but that’s not what society sees and that’s why people feel the need to be perfect and no flaws whatsoever, they feel if they don’t look a certain way the guys wont take the time to look their direction that no one would like them that’s where the depression and self harm comes into play and that’s the sad part of it. Middle school is where we see it start more than often, people are just now trying to figure out who they want to be, how they want to dress and act. …show more content…

There's plenty of fixes towards what people don’t like about their bodies like, plastic surgery, to nose jobs,

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