What Are The Top 5 Things Americans Associate With The Good Life?

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What are the top 5 things Americans associate with the good life? The so-called “American Dream?”

For some it is a yard, a car, children, a happy marriage, or owning a home.

What is it for you? These are, in economic terms, some would say, the rebuilding of the good ‘ole days.

But what happens when you begin to lose these things? What’s the point of life when there is no pleasure in it? Why not just end it?

Think about this statement: The quality of life should determine the quantity of life. In some sense, it’s true—as we age, our health declines, we lose mobility, we lose clarity of thought and mind, etc.

But the question pushed further becomes, “Should we help it along?”

Peter Singer, a major player in the animal rights movement, …show more content…

Job himself lived a good life (1:1-5; 42:12-17). He was wealthy and prosperous all the way to an advanced age. The story lies in the in-between years of a very blessed life (1:6-3:26).

Two questions: 1) What are the trials that Job suffered? and 2) Why did he suffer them?

1. What are the trials that Job suffered?

Most of Job’s trials are described in chapter 1 and in 2:7.

– Loss of wealth: Satan had claimed that Job only served God because he was rich. So God allowed Satan to take away from him his oxen, donkeys, sheep, camels, and servants. It was no small loss—the animals were the bank accounts of the day. You might say this was his 401k and stock portfolio.

–Loss of children: Satan had said Job only served God because he was protected, so God allowed Satan to take his children, and still Job did not curse God, because he knew that God is both sovereign and good.

-Loss of health: Satan had said Job only served God because he was well. So, God allowed Satan to afflict Job with painful sores. Do you have an illness that makes you want to curse God? As you age, will you be thankful for the past blessings and hopeful for the resurrection or resentful of what you’ve lost?

–Loss of his reputation and, more serious, the loss of his faith in God. Can you imagine a set of circumstances that would make you lose your faith? For days Job sat in want, pain, disgrace, and doubt.

2. Why did Job suffer these things?

Job was being

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