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"What are you doing here, human?" A dark, husky voice whispered in my ear, making it difficult to stand on my legs. I could feel his breath hit the side of my face when he talked and it drove me insane." Don 't you remember the school rules of this place?" "N-no...Um, I forgot..." "Let me remind you why we have rules then, human." Before I could make a run for the window or door, the male grabbed my hip roughly and pressed my front to the wall. Hard. By that kind of impact, I knew that I must be bleeding. I then stiffened all over when I felt him inhale and let go of his breath. The next moment, his whole body leaned into mine, setting off pleasure and terror through every ounce of my figure. I could feel all of him. His muscles, his legs against mine, his chest, everything that I could feel, I felt. It left me breathless and made me forget about everything. The man 's hands dug dipper into my hips and I could start to smell my own blood. Without thinking, I tried to take off my jeans for him to do has he pleased. I didn 't know why, but my body craved his touch, acting like he owned it. Like he owned all of me. Before I could finish, he quickly grabbed my hands with one of his and put them up above my head." No." I tried to lean my body into his." Don 't do that!" "Why?" I shifted my neck to look at him, and that was when I felt myself flying in the air. I then hit a soft fabric, but before I could tell what it was, the guy climbed on top of me. He had one of his

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