What Causes Childhood Obesity?

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What Causes Childhood Obesity? According to the American Heart Association, as of January of 2013, one in three children in America is overweight or obese. That is three times that of only fifty years ago. Although we all know some underlying causes for childhood obesity, I am focusing on three major causes. These are parents and the perpetuation of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, the over consumption of fast food, and lastly, children and their decreasing physical activity levels. These three main factors, lead to childhood obesity which in turn leads to further long term and immediate health risks as well as psychological problems. Some people argue that genetics plays the major role when discussing factors of childhood obesity however, my focus on the mentioned causes is because they are by far more manageable when compared to genetics. Anyone who has ever cared for a child knows very well that they imitate what they see. Parents are often, if not always, the first learning influence a child has. When speaking about the perpetuation of gestures or other patterns of behavior from parent to child, none have more negative lifelong effects than that of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. Stated by The British Psychological Society in one news article titled Parental Choices Influence Childhood Eating Habits, “Children’s eating habits are based upon exposure to foods and imitation of others.” In other words, if a child were to watch his father eating fatty,
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