What Common Sources Cause Carbon Dioxide?

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An odorless and colorless gas that occurs because of an incomplete combustion of fuels, when people get exposed to CO gas, it starts to displace the oxygen levels in the body, and this is what leads to carbon monoxide poisoning. Because carbon monoxide has no taste, color or odor, you cannot detect it with your senses. In dangerous concentrations, humans indoors have no method of detecting it until they have grown ill. If you start to notice flu-like symptoms, it can cause you to ignore the earlier signs of a CO poisoning because you figure you are just sick. According to the CDC, around 500 individuals die from an unintentional CO poisoning every year within the US, and they estimate that between 8,000-15,000 individuals have to be treated at the hospital for this dangerous problem every year. Nevertheless, you can take steps to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. For example, you can install a carbon monoxide alarm. Also, make sure that you are keeping your fuel burning appliances at the right level of maintenance. What are some other sources of carbon monoxide? In essence, carbon monoxide will be produced whenever you burn material. If you have a fuel burning appliance or an attached garage, you have increased chances for needing a CO alarm. What common sources produce carbon monoxide? Wood Stoves Water Heaters Clothes Dryers Power Generators…show more content…
For example, if you see an absence of upward draft in your chimney, this could indicate that you are not receiving proper ventilation. If you have streaks of soot near a fuel burning appliance, get it checked into. Excess condensation and moisture on walls, windows and colder surfaces can also be indicative of a CO problem. Finally, never use an appliance that had been intended for outdoor use indoors because this can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Some of the examples include: barbecue grills, portable generators, camp stoves and gas-powered lawn
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