What Determines When A Boy Becomes A Man?

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What determines when a boy becomes a man? Is he supposed to reach a certain age or are his experiences the things that distinguish him as man. Maybe it is a combination of motivation and guidance that mold a boy into a man. These thoughts and theories have taken a clear spot in the infinite stack of unanswered questions throughout history. During The Odyssey the reader can experience the theories of Homer’s ideas on how to become a man. Throughout the epic, Homer establishes a clear hypothesis of this transition directly with the character of Telemachus, a feeble child that eventually surprises many. With the help of the goddess Athena, Homer connects the theme of becoming a man with Telemachus’ actions. In The Odyssey, the sub-story of Telemachus’ guided actions towards manhood is a direct result of his power to overcome the pain of abandonment, to assume the responsibility of hospitality, and eventually exact revenge on those who did him wrong.
For most people today the abandonment of a parent whether it be, physically or emotionally has had lasting effects of psychological damage. In some cases the parent may have disappeared but left a memory of exceptional circumstances, which leads to influence the child in positive ways. In The Odyssey, the latter influences Telemachus most evidently with Athena’s role as his guide. Athena continuously brags to Telemachus about his father and what a great leader he was. Even though Telemachus does not realize it he actually has much…

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