What Do You Value A University Education?

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I chose to interview professor Bayless because he seems like a down to earth guy. He seemed like he would be easy an interesting to talk to. The questions I asked professor Bayless were: do you value a University education, why did you decide to become a biology professor, how long have you been at Washburn and what made you want to come here, do you believe students should get involved in campus activities and clubs, do you think living on campus your first year is beneficial, and what do you think is important to help make you successful in college? Professor Bayless does value a University education for most people, not everyone. He thinks a university education makes a better citizen and is likely to have a positive influence on society. He doesn 't think you have to be educated to be a good person, it just helps. I agree with professor Bayless 100%. An education does not shape you into the person you are, but definitely helps make you a positive influence and a better person. I believe everyone should at least try a University education. You don 't know if it’s not for you until you try it. Now a days to get a job you need some type of degree and if on your resume you have a 4 year degree you are at the top of the list. What surprised me the most about professor Bayless was that he never planned to teach. He took his first job as a teacher just for the income. He had always wanted to do research, mostly on plants, and never saw himself teaching his whole life. He
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