What Does A Sport And Whether Or Not Cheerleading Should Be Considered

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“When someone tells you to think of a sport I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is football, or basketball, or maybe baseball. But what about cheerleading? When you think of cheerleading do you just think of it as an activity that consists of chants on the sidelines with big pom-poms, or do you think of it as a sport with extreme stunting such as tumbling, mounting, and tossing? The question of whether or not cheerleading is or should be recognized as an official sport has been debated since 1997 and still makes its way to court every few years. Throughout this research paper I will explore the question of what defines a sport and whether or not cheerleading should be considered one.”
“Currently there are three different types of cheerleading you can participate in. The first form of cheerleading is Sideline Cheerleading (High School/ College Cheer). Sideline cheerleading’s primary purpose is to serve as support group for athletic programs in the school, as well as entertaining the crowd through cheers, stunts, and dance. Competitive Cheerleading (All-star/ College Cheer) is the second form of cheerleading and can be a mix of school squads and all-star gym squads. For competitive cheerleading you compete against other squads or gyms with a two minute and thirty second routine. In these routines, the cheerleaders perform extreme tricks and higher level stunting and tumbling than sideline cheer in hopes of getting the highest scores possible. The last form of
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