What Does Christianity Teach About The Human?

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What Does Christianity Teach about the Human?
Though we are to take the “Creation Story” with a grain of salt and interpret it with a deeper meaning in mind, there is a lot Christianity teaches regarding mankind. Appearance, dominance, rationality, an ability to relate, and a destined freewill are all qualities humanity comprises because of “imago dei”, or our creation in God’s likeness. From the beginning formation of Adam and Eve in Genesis 1 and 2 to the way humans relate to one another in the writings of Las Casas and Truth, these core characteristics of humanity are shown and defined.
In Christianity, mankind is brought to life in Genesis 1 and 2 with the “Creation Story” in the Garden of Eden. From the dust of the earth, Adam was made, and from his rib God created Eve. It was after everything that God created mankind, that sixth day. And when He created Adam and Eve, they were created in His image, a characteristic only known to mankind. When the phrase “image of God” is used to describe humanity, it means reflecting the nature of God. However, this apparent “image of God” only corresponds with Genesis 1:26-28, and I believe this is due to the Fall of humanity found in Genesis 3. After eating the forbidden fruit, humanity could no longer completely be seen in God’s image because it was at this point humanity put aside its trust in God and trusted in the serpent. Up until this point, I have taken the “Creation Story” literally, as if there truly was an Adam and Eve
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