What Does College Mean To Me Essay

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1 – Is it harder than high school; will I meet knew people; what are the parties like,
2 – new area therefore clean slate; new friends, parties, fraternities or sororities, ways to pass time
3 – Social setting, away from home, something new, progression
4 – Not fitting in, classes being difficult, dropping out, mean or unhelpful teachers, bad grades

1S: The thought of vacating my hometown where I have lived for much of my life to inhabit the town my expected college is located excites me beyond comparison of any thrill I have felt thus far.

2S: In preparation for my educational relocation, I read an article entitled “How to Survive – and Excel in – your College Years” by Dr. Randall S. Hansen, a knowledgeable man as proof by his Ph.D. and his statements within the article. …show more content…

4S: My anticipation to attend college in an area I have never lived in has been muffled by my inevitable thoughts regarding how I will maintain good health with the pressure of doing well in my classes.

5S: Though I like to exercise now, I am in no place to say that my mindset as of current will continue in my future or even into college.

6S: Thankfully for my benefit, the article lent a helping hand over how to deal with the stress of college in less destructive ways along with examples, softening my dread of losing control of my health once thrown into that setting.

7S: Overall, my feelings of college are mixed between anxious and eager, yet the assurance of a man who has actually experienced it firsthand imbeds a sense of calmness amongst my

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