What Does Immortality Mean?

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Sherianna Johnson
Dr. Norman J. Fischer
Introduction to Philosophy
March 2nd, 2017

Can one be immortal? Is it possible to be dead before one is alive? What does immortality mean? These are questions that some people do not think about or discuss on a daily basis. There is much to be learned about one’s immorality. Socrates talks about how the soul of the dead comes from people who are still alive, and we gain ours from the dead. He utilizes this as an inspiration for his first argument. All objects once upon a time came from their opposite states; something larger now should have been tiny before. The two processes for these opposite are 'increase ' and 'decrease '. On the off chance that the two opposite procedures did not balance each
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When people are born into this world, so is a new soul. Where does the soul come from? Socrates verbalizes that even postmortem, the soul subsists and is able to cerebrate. He believed that as bodies decease, the soul is continually reborn in subsequent bodies.

Not true for relative opposite, nothing can be both either everything has to be one or the other. Life and death are not conflicting alternate opposites, but they are contrary opposites. Plato appears to be right in setting up the necessary presence of opposites when considering adjectives, e.g. slow and fast, hot and cold, living and dying etc. Here, without a doubt restricting descriptors more often than not oblige one to happen before the other. For a question be moving quicker at a specific time, it more likely than not, been moving slower initial; a protest more likely than not, been littler before it got to be distinctly greater; been dozing before it got to be distinctly wakeful, and so forth. Thus, it is conceivable to attribute a contradictory term to most, if not all, adjectives; it is also conceivable to deem one adjective necessarily happening before another. By definition adjectives qualify nouns[5], e.g. x is fast, y is cold, z is dead, etc., which is to say adjectives describe properties of nouns. In this manner, while considering modifiers in a sentence, if x is moving quickly, y feels frosty, z is dead,
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