What Does It Affect Our Education? Essay

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It affects places where one can live, work, and can affect the education given to that one. Clinton thinks that communities must restore trust with the police and she even stated that police should get better training. Miss Clinton also said that all should be respected by the law, but all should also respect the law. After Clinton finished speaking for her two minutes, Trump got a turn. Trump stated that Hillary didn’t use two - very important - words… Law and order. Without those two words, we wouldn’t have a country. Trump also stated that there were thousands of shootings and deaths in Chicago. The way to fix that is to get rid of their guns, according to Trump. While both candidates agree that getting rid of guns in the hands of bad people is a good idea, Hillary resorted to saying that the cops need the training while Trump said that keeping laws strict and in place. A second topic discussed was tax cuts or increases for the wealthy. Trump said that the wealthy need money to expand and to employ. He said that these huge companies are leaving this country because taxes are too high, therefore making less jobs possible in america. Trump said that 5 trillion dollars is not made in the US, but could. All 5 trillion is lost from the US because of high taxes. After Trumps short speech, Clinton gave answering that question a shot. She said that Trump proposed the “TRUMP-LOOPHOLE”, something that would really help him, not everyone else. Clinton said that building and
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