What Does It Mean To Be A Child Essay

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Long ago, I read a quote that stated, “To not have your sufferings recognized is an almost unbearable form of violence.” This quote describes exactly how my childhood went. To this day, I constantly relive every moment of it. When I was born, everything between my mother and father fell apart, so when I turned two years old, my mother left him. We were on the streets for a while with nowhere to live and nothing to eat. Because of that gruesome experience, I am known as her “suffer child,” meaning I am the child she conceived too young and ruined her life. I always thought she told me that when she was in a bad mood, but now I am beginning to think she means it. When my mother gave birth to my brother, everything got worse. I was always sad to the point I couldn't even eat, therefore, I felt neglected ,regrettable, and worthless. My mother acted as if anything my brother said or did was right. It was as if I wasn’t allowed to have a sentiment. If he were to do something wrong, I…show more content…
I called my father and told him I wanted to leave my mother’s house. I didn’t want to stay in a house where I was emotionally abused. However, he denied my request. He felt he could never be able to win the case. I figured it was because of how manipulative my mother was, but that wasn’t it. My mother has a better house and a more stable job than my father. There was no responsible way out of a place where I was unwanted and unhappy. I remember staying locked in my room for several weeks. My mother never seemed to notice my disappearance. I believe that she knew what was going on with me, but she had “better things” to worry about. To this day, I still suffer with depression and deal with the same problems at home, but I don’t let it affect my school work. I know my mother loves me, but I feel as if she picks favorites and I am the last one on the
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