What Does It Mean To Be An Nco Essay

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What it Means to Be an NCOEvery year, thousands of newly promoted Non-Commissioned Officers embark on their journey of determining what it means to be an NCO. There is several attributes and competencies outlined in ADP 6-22, for example a leader should have great character, presence, and intellect. This is all very true but to be a great NCO you need to fully understand and find what works for you to be an effective leader. I’ve spent some time thinking what it means to me to be an NCO and I will describe it with my most important traits.Extreme ownership is at the top of my list. This means on any team, in any organization, all responsibility for success and failure rests with the leader. Taking full responsibility for your failures is a …show more content…

To understand the big picture, you must understand the “WHY” and believein the mission. If I don’t believe in the mission there is no way I can possible convince my soldiers to believe in it. If I express doubt or question the plan in front of the troops, their doubt will increase. If the troops don’t believe in the big picture then they will never commit to it and we will fail as a team. But if I understand and believe and pass that on to my soldiers they will fully commit to the mission and persevere through any challenges. Being an NCO I must inspire soldiers to act. To do this, I must give a sense of purpose or belonging and make sure they understand “WHY” what they do is important and how it will help accomplish the mission. For example, you see two soldiers outside performing PMCS on their vehicles. You walk up to the first and ask, “Do you like your job?” He looks up at you and replies, “I’ve been checking this truck all damn morning. The work is boring and repetitive. I work in the scorching hot sun all day. I’m not even sure if this truck will be used this week. But it’s a job. It pays the bills.” You walk up to the second soldier and ask him the same question. He looks up and replies, “I love myjob. I’m working to improve my platoons overall FMC vehicles. Sure, I’ve been working on this truck all morning, and yes, the work is sometimes boring and repetitive. I work in the scorching hot sun all day. I’m not even sure if the truck will be used this week. But when

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