What Does Judaism Mean?

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The interview portion of this essay comes from a Skokie resident named Daniel Weisz. He attends Temple Beth Israel synagogue in Skokie, Illinois. He has been living in this area for around 20 years now but is originally from England. He is 60 years old and was kind enough to submit to an interview.

What does Judaism mean to you?

Starting off with the big question, I see. Judaism has always been a crucial part of who I am. My father was active in my synagogue when I was growing up. My family attended Friday night services regularly at the local synagogue. Judaism, for me, represents a body of thought lend itself to simple answers and operates as a system that makes sense to me as an adult.

Tell me about some of your core beliefs:

Naturally. We believe that God, who created us in his image and in return expects us to pursue justice and ethical lives, will one day usher in an era of world peace. Now, like most religions Judaism broke off into different branches such as Orthodox, Conservative, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist. The main unifying link between all of branches is the reading of the Torah and the adherence to kosher diet, though I should note that Orthodox is considered the most traditional of the branches. The Torah is the most sacred text that we have. It consists of the five books of Moses which tells the story of the Jew and Jewish Law. It has to be read in accuracy when read out loud, one must be corrected if incorrect recitation occurs. Also a fun

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