What Does Plath's Cut Poem

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Almost similar to “Edge”, “Cut” is one of Plath’s collections that contain bright metaphors of death things. It conveys the idea of a woman who cut her thumb when setting meal in the kitchen rather than the onion that she will be used for cooking. In this poem, Plath expressed the idea of an insurgent in life.
What a thrill-
My thumb instead of an onion.
The top quite gone
Except for a sort of a hinge (L. 1-4)

Ironically, in the opening of this poem labels the joyful of cutting the thumb. It indicates the signs of psychological disorder for the woman who cuts her thumb. As previously stated in Chapter II, usually in hard times of life, people often lost their self and unconsciously do something destructively toward other or self. When a thumb is cut, people should cry for it or sad because her thumb is in pain. However, this woman is pleased when her thumb cut. Her thumb cut until her upper thumb fairly disappeared but she feels the pleasure for this. In this case, the incident of cutting thumb seems not an accidental one. It is looked like the woman intentionally cut her thumb.
Of skin,
A flap like a hat,
Dead white.
Then that red plush. (L.5-8) …show more content…

She thinks that she is useless in her life. The pessimistic tone starting from earlier lines, the speaker prefers to be horizontal rather than be a useless one. She compares herself to a tree that taking minerals from the earth and can grow leaf. Plath herself as the poet sees death as crucial goal and love (Gale. 2005). From the title, I am vertical; it tells the existence of humanity as a mortal individual. So, horizontal in this poem can see as the position of a human when back to nature as death coming. By being horizontal, the speaker thinks to be more valuable for her life or other people. The speaker thinks that her/his death will be a good thing to other. Death is a prestigious goal that the speaker wants to achieve in her

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