What Does The Basis Of Faith?

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The more one knows the more one questions one’s faith; but faith is intrinsic in humans, just as the ability to love. If we can love, then we can believe. Every individual has a different answer to the question “what is the basis of faith?” some would say it is Christ, others, the Bible, God, angels, etc. and some may even reject faith as a whole. However, if the basis of faith is Christ, why do so many individual’s struggle to accept His truth, His word, and His evidences? If the basis of faith is the Bible, what does one do when they find out that there have been additions and subtractions to the Bible throughout the years? And above all one many ask oneself: What Bible, if we have so many? If the basis of faith is God, why can His existence only be accepted by faith? Why can’t His existence be proved through physical means?

Although for a believer there is a lot of evidence to support faith, which will be discussed later on, there are many individual’s who struggle to understand religion, and thus faith, because of their inability to see past the lack of physical evidence to support it. Many non-believers observe religion and faith as a primary and intuitive impulse on which the believer is pushed to believe through an ideological tradition; tradition that results from the programming of a religious dogma implanted in the thought of a believer. It is a strong thought that projects a highly decisive conviction and determination. In the eyes of a non-believer, faith

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