What Factors Played A Role In The Death And Life Of A Language?.

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What factors played a role in the death and life of a language? There are roughly 7.4 billion people in the world, with over 6000 diverse cultures and societies. Within these cultures lies languages and dialects. Sadly, there are serval hundred languages that have faded away from a cultural society. This research paper analyzes the factors that lead to the death and life of a language. Origin of language There are two different views on how human beings we were able to begin communicating with language. Historians believe that the first known communication between man was cave paintings. The paintings consist of signs and drawings of human hunting animals. Evidence suggests that the paintings were used as a story liner. They 're also…show more content…
These areas of Egyptian safe havens are modern day middle eastern countries. The Greeks did not last very long for the Romans invaded and took over the Egyptian lands. So just for the Egyptian land alone faced language changes from Egyptian/Hebrew, to Greek, to Latin. Where did these languages come from? How did mankind go from paintings on caves to speaking so many different languages? Ever heard the story the Tower of Babel? The story begins with a nation of people speaking One tongue coming together to build a tower to reach the heavens to escape the possible coming of the second flight. However, God saw how powerful mankind can be when united togeather as one nation speaking the same language. So, He created a confusion in the languages and spread people out. The original language spoken by the people of Babel was Hebrew. In Genesis 11:18 states that the world had one language and a common speech. In verse two one can find the name of the land the Babel people settled in was Shinar, Babylon. And the word Babel Is the Hebrew word for confusion. So, if a Siri was already named the Hebrew name it must imply that he was the main language before the confusion. And if we go further back to Genesis chapter 1 in the creation of Adam and Eve there is a verse where Adam is brought all the beasts of the earth to mean name. And that Adam talked with God. Changes within languages A major change within a language would have been

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