What Happens After We Die?

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The question “What happens after we die?” has been a major concern of humanity. There are many elaborate theories regarding this issue throughout the history of the human kind. At the beginning, the afterlife concept was very flaw in our ancestor 's understanding. They believe that the dead would go to the world of the ancestor. In this other world, they would still require food and nutriment for survival such as clothes to wear, water to drink. In other words, this world of the predecessor is similar to our earthly world. This essay argues that the concept of an afterlife was developed to fulfill human’s desires. It is developed out of the context that is needed by the people of a particular time and place in ancient civilizations.…show more content…
To demonstrate the above, this essay will outline the chronology development of the afterlife concepts in ancient India and China. The concept of the afterlife is an ancient ideology in India, particularly the ideas of the “World of the Fathers.” According to Moreman, one would be able to find various ideas about dead and life beyond in the Vedas. He insisted that “the World of the Fathers is likely the one of the greatest antiquity. These earliest ideas about the World of the Fathers are vague and impersonal but we do know that the Fathers themselves form a collective, invocations being directed more toward the group as a whole rather than to any individual among them.” In the Rig Veda (Book X, Hym14.7-8) stated: “Go forth, go forth upon the ancient pathways whereon our sires of old have gone before us…Meet Yama, meet the Fathers, meet the merit of free or ordered acts, in highest heaven.” Here, the word “Fathers” means “the early ancestors of humanity who inhabited a separate world (loka) by themselves.” Nevertheless, that path to the “World of the Fathers” is not as simple as it sounded, there are requisite factors demanded. Especially, ritual is needed to help the deceased to make it through this journey to the land of the dead. In addition, this ritual has to be done by a certain member of the family—the son. However, he must be married. The importance of the ritual as describes by Moreman, “In order for a person to travel to the World of the Fathers, the
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