What Happens When Great Innovation And Corporate Responsibility Come Together? Johnson And Johnson

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What happens when great innovation and corporate responsibility come together? Johnson and Johnson happens. J&J has been a benchmark for both innovation and customer relations their entire history, which has been a long one. From the original Band-Aid, to Tylenol, to the famous Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, J&J has created numerous highly successful brands. They control over 275 subsidiaries in over 60 countries giving them a huge global presence. By examining its history, ethical investigations, and organizational analysis, I will paint a clear picture for which J&J stands.
J&J is best summed up by the words in their credo. To be concise, I will summarize the credo instead of stating it in its entirety. They rank their responsibilities by the importance they place on them. These responsibilities are as follows: customers first, employees second, the community third, and stockholders fourth. These aren’t pure rankings but rather the order in which they consider the results of their actions. This approach has been instrumental in creating the customer revered company J&J is today.
J&J hasn’t always been a powerhouse. Its humble beginnings began in Brunswick, New Jersey in the year 1886. The founders were the Johnson brothers, Robert, James, and Edward Johnson. Their focus hasn’t changed much from its founding principles. They began by selling first aid kits to railroad workers and health products to families. In 1888, they came out with the first commercial First Aid Kit,

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