What Have You Lost By Naomi Shihab Nye

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I never thought the day would come, the day I would lose someone so important to me, my grandma. My grandma was the best grandmother ever, she was caring and loved all of her children and her grandchildren. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross has her five stages of grieving that I had went through after my grandma had passed. In the book of poems What Have You Lost, Naomi Shihab Nye selected various categories of poems. The two poems I have selected have to do with the loss of a grandmother. These poems, “Tutu on the Curb” and “Where on this Earth” have different views on the loss of loved ones. My grandma was a very strong woman, she always was helping others before herself. Lines from the poem, “Tutu on the Curb” are very descriptive and remind me of my grandma. For example, “Her hair all pin up on one bun” (3), “her blue Hawaiian print muumuu/ blowing in the wind” (6-7), and also, “her hair so grey!” (10). All three of these lines bring back many memories of her before she got sick. My grandma had been struggling with an uncommon disease for a while and every month she got worse and worse, until she was just skin and bone. It got so bad that she was too weak to walk and soon lost her ability to talk. Everybody knew it was time for her to go, we did not want her to suffer anymore. On a certain December day, the nurses told us that it would be her last day. So all of my mom’s sisters and brothers came to say their good byes. Some of my older cousins, my sister and I also came. While

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