Why Men Don 't Last By Natalie Angier

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When I was a child my parents pushed me toward physical activities such as football and other sports, while on the other hand my sister was pushed toward things like music and arts. Whenever I would hurt myself my parents would laugh it off, but they were quick to aid my sister in the event she was hurt. As most people know, women and men are treated differently in how they should act. Men cannot show their emptions, while women are expected to be emotional. Society has strict guidelines on what it means to be a man and a woman, and these guidelines can have negative effects on both genders. Men are treated vastly differently than women. For example, men are expected to not show their emotions. In “why men don’t last” by Natalie Angier, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, she described how even when men are young boys they have their emotions shamed out of them by their parents and their peers (Angier 1011). In “The War Against Boys” Christina Hoff Sommers, a writer of several books, wrote how men have it imprinted on them at a young age that showing your emotions is a sign of weakness. Men are also taught to be self-sufficient and not ask for help (Sommers 1061). For example, there were many times when I was in school but needed help. I never asked because I always wanted to think of myself as self-sufficient, that I did not need the help from my teacher and I could figure it out myself. Now, of course, I realize how dumb that was that there is no shame in asking for help,

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