What Historians Can Learn From Slavery

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What Historians Can Learn From Slavery Many historians believe that there is little to learn about the actions of slaves since they themselves provided little to no writings. Although slaves were unable to provide any written experiences, historians today are still able to learn about their actions through various forms of resistance. Several methods of resistance were common, such as running away, resisting daily labor, organizing large scale uprisings, and even the formation of slave codes. All of the instances depict the actions of slaves during this time and the impact they had. One way historians can learn about the actions of slave is through newspaper articles. When a slave would run away, their master would write an article in the newspaper describing the slave as best as possible and offer a reward if returned. Slave ads like this were very common to see in the newspaper. They would list the slave 's name, and type of branding, age, size, month they left, and often what they stole.2 The slaves would steal things such as clothes so that they could later barter.2 By bartering the items they brought with them from the plantation they would be able to gain money and move further away from their master. Through all this information historians could gather data on the time of season slaves typically left, the items they brought with them, and put together a picture of the typical slave run away. If slaves weren’t running away from their masters another tactic they turned

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