What I Am At Volunteers Of America Los Angeles ( Voala )

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I am currently interning at Volunteers of America Los Angeles (VOALA), and the program that I am placed in is a Harm Reduction program. I work with homeless veterans who are diagnosed with a mental and substance abuse disorder. For the past couple of months, I have seen the positive effects of Harm Reduction, and how safe it is with our clients. For this assignment, I specifically chose a conversation with Rusty Foster and Luis Lopez on Harm Reduction, because this is what I am interested in. As a recovering alcoholic myself, I want to work and help clients who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. I believe that addiction is hard to overcome, but Harm Reduction can be cost effective, educational, and a healthier way of using drugs and alcohol. While listening to this conversation, I immediately thought of my internship, and what I already know, and what I could learn.
3 Things Learned
The first thing that I learned from this conversation was that the Harm Reduction program may not work in all clinical settings. Rusty Foster and Luis Lopez both commented that Harm Reduction may not be accepted in all settings, because it depends on the client’s assessment. For example, if a client is in a position where he/she needs medical attention, then Harm Reduction may not be the best intervention at the moment. The Harm Reduction program should be used if the client is willing to reduce their current addiction. I believe that case managers should not force their

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