What I Learned As Well As My Career Essay

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The Ninja Watch This paper describes my field experience and what I learned as well as my career. I was placed in Sharpstown International School, in which I was with Mr. O 'Heron. He taught both Pre-calculus and Calculus classes. Those two classes are for seniors and there may have been a few juniors in the pre-calculus class. There are in total four classes that I observed, one calculus and the rest pre-calculus.
Throughout the field, I barely engaged in any different activities, mainly observe the students. Though they did ask a few questions. Although I mainly observed, I did enjoy listening to Mr. O 'Heron 's jokes and stories. Observation is my specialty, I felt a bit odd being there at first, but eventually I got used to it. I would come in the class, usually, Mr. O 'Heron is explaining something to the students and I sit in the back. I would sometimes sit with the students, but that 's with the pre-calculus class. I kept this routine for the rest of the time. There are some points when the students would ask me a few questions. In the beginning, they asked me some questions about college, since Mr. O 'Heron explained some things about college. The other class, keeping in mind I saw four different classes, they asked for some help with their math. I ask for them to refer to their notes and point at their mistake. I do wish that I would have engaged in a variety of activities, but since it 's a high school level class there wasn 't much I could do.

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