What I Learned From An Elk Essay

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What I learnt from an elk If you told me that there would be a deer to attack me in the future, I would laugh at you and consider that you are crazy; until there was actually a deer attacked my fellow members and me when we were camping. Speaking of deer, what I thought about was they were kind and docile and I believed that they would never initiate an attack. That’s the reason why we chose a deer farm as our campsite. When I was in China, I was volunteering at one of the organizations, which was pretty similar to the YoungLife in the US, that we gathered the university students together and we did a variety of activities. Camping was actually one of the most popular activities that we had, so that we went camping regularly at…show more content…
We realized that things have gone wrong, retreating was the very next action we attempted to do, however, it was too late to just walk away from him. He initiated the attack by running towards us abruptly without any sign, which astonished all of us, we just began running away in different directions, trying to detract his attentions. I was so shocked that I could not really concentrated on what I should do next, what all of us should do next at this particular moment. The elk kept chasing one of our group members, trying to knock him over with his horns, so that that group member picked up a really thick tree branch from the ground, fighting against the elk. So we ran towards our campsite, which turned into another mistake. He remained chasing us all the way to our campsite, where there were still a lot of members pitching their tents or talking with friends without any awareness, they were not aware of danger is coming up. As one of the volunteers, I started yelling at them: run as fast as you can. My voice was like an alarm to all of them, they started running away from the campsite. I never thought that this kind of emergency would ever happen to me, but I realized that I needed to calm myself and deal with it composedly, I needed to keep every single member from danger. At the same time, the elk was knocking down all of tents that we pitched, the
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