What I Learned From Your Book

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Jiaxin Cheng
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ENGL 1001

Dear Professor Csikszentmihalyi,

This letter is talking about what I learned from your book, my flow experiences and what are elements of flow in my opinion. But before that I would like to share a old Chinese fairy tale with you. 1800 years ago in Jin dynasty of China, there was a farmer who’s name is Wangzhi. One day he went out to cut firewood in hills, he saw there are an old man and a child playing the GO (a Chinese game) in pavilion. So he left his axe on a stump and watched them playing. He was so focus on the game that he totally forgot the time. After a long time, the child told him that as it is so late you had better go home. Then Wangzhi pick up his axe and start to go home. He was so surprised that his axe handle was rotted and mold. When he backed home his neighbor told him he had already went out more than 10 years. Of cause fairy tales are not always true story and also may sound like an exaggeration. But in this fairy tale we can know that Chinese people realize that people have flow experience hundreds years ago.

In this semester we have been discussing about Optimal Experience and what is Flow and how to achieve it in class. I learned that you named the psychological concept of flow, a highly focused mental state. In your seminal work, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, you outline your theory that people are happiest when they are in a state of flow - a state of concentration or
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