When Reality Hits Book Report

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When Reality Hits Reflection
Nancy Barry’s book When Reality Hits: What Employers Want Recent College Graduates to Know brings a wealth of information in every page that is read. The contents of this book prove to be beneficial to not only recent or aspiring college graduates, but to any one who has a job anywhere. Skills, tips and tricks that are not always taught in any particular course and that people will sometimes learn the hard way can be found in this interesting read. Although I have been fortunate enough to learn many professional skills though my personal experiences, this book has brought new and important information to me as a student and future professional.
I will be putting into practice several things that I have learned in this book for my practicum experience this …show more content…

Barry (2007) suggests that one can stay organized by keeping a calendar and a mastering a to-do list. I have gotten better about keeping my planner updated and looking at it every day. It unfortunately took me three years in college to finally get to this point. However, I’ve yet to master making and completing an actual daily to-do list. While I make a mental to-do list for the next day every night, I do think that it would be helpful to make one that I could visually see and hold. This would be helpful because I could refer to it during the day instead of wondering and guessing what I need to do next. I also need to improve the way that I can make people feel special. To make people feel special, and to let people know they are appreciated it is recommended that one should be writing and sending thank-you notes (Barry, 2007, p. 124). I have always been unsure of writing thank-you notes but I have since learned that building and maintaining strong relationships will require me to show my appreciation in many ways. These acts of appreciation are not only meant for bosses but for anyone who helps in my

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