What I 've Learned At The High School All Four Glorious Years

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This speech is all about what I’ve learned here at the high school… all four glorious years. You know, I’m glad that Avon Lake chose me as the student speaker, because I know that some high schools bring in like super awesome extreme sports people to try and inspire their students. But they usually have gotten stuck somewhere, in some far off country, stuck in a freezing mountain, nearly die. But because of his/her awesome MaGyver skills tend to survive, only losing a leg or arm. As a high school student, I know I don’t want to hear about that. I’d want show up to commencement happy, that I finally get to leave, hoping to hear some awesome memories, cry, and leave. And instead I would leave worried about blood flow to my extremities …show more content…

) Don’t look for a meaning when there isn’t one.
Luckily I’m not an inspirational speaker like that. I’ve climbed the rocky mountains, and I didn’t lose any limbs, metaphorically or otherwise. And this isn’t my time to give career advice… mostly because I don’t have a career, that’s why I’m going to college.
However I have indeed had large groups of people listen to me before, and I’ve given speeches in class that have gotten me A’s, so that makes me perfectly qualified to speak here today.
Some of what i’m going to say is boring and I’m going to ramble.. well ramble more, and all of you will forget this within the week. But I shall say it regardless, with all the cheesy jokes, and all the stupid grins, and the stories that will start off well, and end up making no sense at all.
So listen to me, or else you’ll end up like the two dead boys who got up to fight, one dark day in the middle of the night. ( great now I see people trying to furiously google that little diddy )
Well good luck let’s begin:
1. You Don’t Have To Have A Dream.
If you didn’t know, I was adopted from Russia, so at eight months old, my dream was to wait the four hours for the nurse to feed me. Not all that awesome of a dream. But if you do have a dream, chase it. If it’s a big enough one and you want to spend your whole life chasing it, that by the time you achieve it it has taken

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