What Important Information Can You Learn From Them?

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Which two would be easy to implement in your school? What important information can you learn from them? The two professional development designs that would be easy to implement at my school is Partnerships and Shadowing Students. The professional development design, partnerships is easy to implement at my school and has proven to be a great tool that teachers use to improve their own understanding and increase student learning in the classroom. When teachers partner with local businesses or scientists with the purpose of increasing student learning the results can be amazing. For instance, every year our school partners with the program Junior Achievement and a local bank to teach hands-on activities on entrepreneurship and work readiness to students. Through experiences like this, teachers can observe how the content is taught in different ways while students have the opportunity to learn directly from community bankers and leaders. Important information can be learned from this professional development design. Students can better relate to learning standards because they are given a real-world experience directly from business owners and teachers can be provided with a deeper insight of how to present the content to students. Shadowing Students would be easy to implement at my school as it would provide information on what students are experiencing at school. Often times as educators we focus so much on how to deliver the content or assess students that we miss how the
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