What Is A Dream Come Good?

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"It hasn't sunk in, the fact that I'm a New York Knick. I feel like I'm still dreaming right now. It was a dream come true for myself." Those words were from Carmelo Anthony's introductory press conference on February 23, 2011, a day after being traded from the Denver Nuggets. This weekend, Anthony's dream has come to an acrimonious end. On Saturday, two days before the start of training camp, Anthony was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. According to league officials, the Thunder will send Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and a 2018 second-round pick (via the Chicago Bulls) to New York. Anthony will waive his no-trade clause and his $8 million trade kicker to complete the deal. Anthony won't have to wait long to get his revenge; …show more content…

The Knicks missed the playoffs in Anthony's final four seasons, with a dismal record of 117-211. There were far too many occasions where he would disregard the play and revert to isolation basketball, especially during crunch time. He was never a willing defender; and displayed the same poor defensive habits he's always had since coming to the league. He didn't always fight over screens, lost sight of his man too often and consistently failed to contest shooters. Remember this? Last season, Anthony finished 66 out of 70 qualified small forwards in ESPN's defensive real plus-minus. He has always opted to do what was best for him financially, including demanding a trade to the Knicks in the middle of the season (instead of waiting to sign with the Knicks in Summer), which gutted them all of their assets, in order to sign a three-year, $65 million extension. In 2015, he waited until after the all-star break before deciding to have season ending knee surgery, which slowed him down the next two seasons. Some may point to the constant turnover during Anthony's tenure. During his seven seasons; Anthony played under five different coaches and 72 different players. Seventy-two!!! He and Phil Jackson had one of the most dysfunctional relationships in sports history. To his credit, Anthony handled Phil Jackson's public criticism

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