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Reflecting on the situation, social justice, human dignity, integrity, altruism, as well as autonomy were all present at some point throughout their stay. It should not matter what path you stumbled down during your journey in life, everyone may need that extra little help along the way. I am proud of not only my actions that day, arranging for the fish to be fed and making sure that her husband was cared for as well, but the actions of the whole team coming together to make sure it happens. There were some individuals who asked me why I did all those things for these people who are just trying to get more out of society (referring that they were on disability and not working). I was appalled that individuals that can say that work alongside of me! I just tell them not to judge, that there may come a time in life that they need help as well. Each one of us throughout our practice must be accountable for our own actions, be able to perceive the deficits in others actions, and see that as an opportunity for growth (Shaw & Degozon, 2008, p. 48).…show more content…
It helps if those individuals have the seeds planted within them to start with. I still have concerns for my nurse intern. I see her occasionally in a social setting. I know she has jumped jobs frequently which puts up red flags to me that her actions have not changed much. I wish I could have done more to help her change her behaviors and actions. I do know that through the education I provided to her she had the seeds planted. It is up to her nurture them by modeling the behaviors that she had observed throughout her educational and work experiences. I will continue to model and uphold the professional values which are important to me as a person, and expected of my profession—altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social

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