What Is Art?, And Marcel Duchamp 's The Creative Act

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Today day, art still is a controversial subject of aesthetics, in discussing whether variety form of modern visual art is art or not. In Laurie Schneider Adams’ article “What is Art?” and Marcel Duchamp’s “The Creative Act”, they have own criteria to definite what the nature of art, its meaning and its function. In evaluation Doris Salcedo’s art work Atrabilious, a set of worn shoes encased in rectangle niches on the wall. I agree with their explanation of art thought the combined in structure and form to express the truth and beauty of Salcedo’s work, the nonfigurative subject catches the symbolic harrowing moment of the effect of war and violence happened, also a metaphor of her culture idea and individual meaning, experience her political view to deal with female issue of the subject matter. The female shoes as the subject of this artwork do not have the beauty and cannot understand the truth at the first sign, but the form the art clearly indicates the representation meaning of the truth of the subject. In Adam’s views of art, “the works of art are not necessarily narrative, and they may not represent recognizable figures and objects. ” It is a three dimensional or two dimensional representations contain with style and idea that different from the nature’s creation. In her work, Shoes painted on pieces of flat fabrics that covered by a sheet of semitransparent animal skin that stitched with surgical thread and held in six different separated niches. Some niches

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