What Is Black And White Anymore? Death With Dignity Laws

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What is black and white anymore? Death with Dignity laws allow qualified mentally competent, terminally ill adults to request a prescription medication from their physician for hastening their death. Commonly also described as physician-assisted suicide, Physician-assisted dying, aid in dying, or medical aid-in-dying. (death with dignity, n.d.) This includes clearly the establishment of the needed knowledge intentionally as well as knowingly to an individual so that he or she can commit suicide. This knowledge may involve counseling the person on the lethal drug doses in terms of prescription or supplying those drugs to the individual. When is physician-assisted suicide acceptable? According to Jeremy Bentham, the most moral acts are those…show more content…
Tough question, right? The difficulty in this question is the amount of moral relativism which has a notion that no objective standards exists basing on the morality apart from considering different option. It does not prevent society from allowing collective suggestions to control the social behavior. Which is why these regulations or rules being to make use of the safety and the well-being of the majority in the society. The community or society rules out that suicide in this case is unacceptable.
Singer states that there are two main perspectives of utilitarian. Act utilitarianism only requires us to answer one question: Does this action maximize happiness? Singer points out that the action is the one that possess the consequences that are considered to the best than any other which are open to human beings. Therefore, the ethicality is guided or examined basing on the case-by-case point of view. Rule utilitarianism would have us ask two questions: What general rule would I be following if I did this action and would this rule, if generally followed, maximize happiness? This explains the best ethical action will follow a rule which states that if that identified rule is adhered to will generate the best consequences that considered to be the best rule. Therefore, this kind of utilitarianism provides the best ethicality rules test; for instance, answering the question stated “When will physician-assisted suicide be acceptable? The rule will
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